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At The Micro Empire we specialise in premium gourmet microgreens. We are based in Midlothian and supply our freshly harvested greens to restaurants, cafes and businesses throughout Central Scotland.

Varieties of microgreens we can supply:

Pea Shoots & Pea Tendrils

Micro Broccoli

Micro Kale & Pink Kale

Micro Coriander

Micro Leek

Nasturtium Leaves 

Micro Red Cabbage

Radish Shoots

Micro Shiso

Micro Chervil

Edible Flowers (seasonally)

and more...

Wholesale FAQs 

Q. How long do they keep for?

Storage life depends on variety and how they are kept. Microgreens are best stored in a sealed container in the fridge and are best used within ten days of harvesting. 

Q. Are your microgreens grown in Scotland?

Our greens are grown in Midlothian, Scotland and our soil and seeds are all sourced within the UK whenever possible.

Q. Can I choose the day/time you deliver?

We deliver restaurant orders on Wednesday's and Friday's. Due to the wide area of delivery we cover we cannot offer specific time spots, delivery is between

8:30am - 3:00pm.

Q. My postcode isn't on your list but we are close will you deliver to us?

Please send us an email, we do accept deliveries outside of our regular delivery zones on a case by case basis -

Q. Where can I find your wholesale pricing?

To view our restaurant pricing options or to see our retail line sheet, please use the contact us page or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss these with you either via email, phone or we can pop out to visit you.